Why King Charles Is “Sick of” Queen Camilla Complaining About Prince Harry’s Presence At The Coronation

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Queen CamillaWell, here’s one we didn’t see coming: King Charles is apparently “sick of” Queen Camilla complaining about Prince Harry’s presence at the Coronation. (Marie Claire previously reported that the newly minted queen—no longer Queen Consort—was “hurt” by her stepson’s comments about her in his memoir, Spare, and interviews to promote it.)

According to the report, Camilla didn’t understand why Harry was invited to the ceremony at all, and “Camilla agrees with Prince William this was a spineless move and Charles should have banished Harry and Meghan from the kingdom instead—sending the clear message their traitorous poison won’t be tolerated,” a source says. “She believes Charles’ decision has weakened their popularity.”

Meanwhile, “Charles finds her behavior disruptive and disrespectful,” the source adds. “He’s sick and tired of people questioning his decisions and trying to undermine him.”

Tensions around the Palace and Clarence House, where the King and Queen reside, have apparently been high, and “Charles and Camilla are testy with each other,” the insider says. “They can’t sit and have a meal without arguing, and they’re getting very snippy with the staff.”

Camilla and Harry “have had an awkward relationship dating back to Princess Diana,” the source says. (In case you somehow missed this, Charles had an affair with Camilla during most of his 15-year marriage to Diana, which ended in divorce in 1996, almost exactly a year to the day before her death.) “Unlike William, who has accepted her, she says Harry continues to ‘defame’ her. Camilla will never forgive him, and there are going to be difficult days in the King’s household as the royal couple spars constantly.”


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