Ubongabasi Nseobot advocates sector in Nigeria should be given much more support now than whatever.

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Southern Sun Sale/Public Relations Manager Explodes…We should not wait for anyone to develop the tourism sector for us. Our Correspondent, CHINOSO AGHABIE conducted the unputdownable discussion that revealed a lot of gains for the economy if the tourism sector is gainfully harnessed they captured in this story.

Southern Sun Hotel and its benefit to Akwaaba especially 2018, It always a pleasure to be part of Akwaaba travel exhibition for Southern Sun is an excitement, am excited that opportunity to come on board and showcase what we have as a goal in Southern Sun Hotel  as you can see is the biggest in every entertaining Hotel group. 

In Africa, as a matter of fact, is number one, you know is based in South Africa and the best Hotel and tour in Africa so it is the biggest, and then it is very important for us at any time to identify with travel anytime, where like I always tell people.  As I did tell someone yesterday that anywhere you hear travel and tour and you look around you find Southern Sun Hotel, so that you know the need and you recognized the need to be seen and be seen wholesale, you recognised the right to be part and parcel of what happened in our local community whether it is here in Nigeria, Dubai wherever we need to identify that.  Akwaaba is all about identifying or networking the gain in it.

When asked Nseobot about the values, she said, those are just the herbs one or two term, the added values or the add up for them in Akwaaba is for building the industries and it is way beyond networking, is way beyond being physical and is an opportunity and role for the industries to contribute meaningfully, it is also of importance you see what is missing and bring something to the table don’t sit vacant and wait for somebody or for the government to bring something, so far, so good the government has tried the best they can, and even be able to put in their resources to help grow it and other backups have been tremendously rewarding, but in the private sector is the one who are supposed to build the system, we are the ones who are supposed to build the tourism industry in Nigeria, so by learning what other people are doing and how they are doing it right, we can also adapt one or two things from people and then add it to our own system, and yes coming to Akwaaba is brave ice come to hear about places one hasn’t known it existed and yet you are in Nigeria, so it also taught us to be proud of our own legacy and rebranding Nigeria is not just about what the government is doing is also about what we the people are doing to help this industry.

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The major stakeholders in these industries we shouldn’t wait for anybody to do it for us, we should do it in our little capacity everybody reaches in we will get there, Rome wasn’t built in a day but gradually wholly but surely we will definitely arrive at something we can all be proud of, so that is how I see these exhibition things and don’t say Akwaaba is any networking opportunity of business opportunity, I see it as an opportunity to bring lucky fund and feel these systems in Nigeria then everybody bring in whatever it is that they have, people learn from one another, so we should learn from other countries, we talk about other countries that are doing fantastic when it comes to tourism countries like the Gambia, people like Dubai, people like Ghana, what are they doing differently to learn from each other, in our own economy we apply it in our own country and we will get there definitely we will get there.

In her thought, Nseobot said Nigerian people or the government of Nigeria,  can key into the tourism business. They should give the tourism sector in Nigeria much more support than they are giving it presently, I know that they are trying they are giving the best they can but I will advise them to focus more on the center, you see these segments can actually be the economy weaver, it can actually hold the economy of this country down and help in any way in the world we should pay attention to it, spend much time and if Nigeria spend much of their income, much of their disposal income outside in peoples economy because other peoples tourism, enjoy building other peoples economy and suppose to plying in our own economy.

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If you develop all the tourism centers, we get the major tourism center in Nigeria just to entertain you, all in the past, in some support in terms of  basic infrastructure am not sure we are asking for too much, there is a lot we can develop in this country to take us to where we need to be, you know so that I will advise my own little  submission is that government should make it easy on the private sector that is trying to build these sectors of the economy, but this sector can actually constitute sixty percent of the economy of Nigeria if we pay attention to it, let forget about the oil, we have seen what oil is doing now, it landed us into recession but we didn’t bounce back because we were waiting for oil, we bounce back because of the resilience in us, Nigerian people are strong people, they will always look for some else to do, so this part of the economy has both agriculture and manufacturing grow beyond were the old sector has kept us, I believe strongly in tourism because if you look at what other countries are doing  with tourism, if Nigeria can at least look up for the people who are coming, the private sector, international sector, if we can bid up a bit on that policy, if we can make sure to put in suppose and put in the basic infrastructure  am sure it will go a long way if we encourage others to see that it is working they will be coming in.

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Coming next years that will be the 15th year of Akwaaba, she said Mr. Ikechi cannot be discouraged he has maintained these programme, for 15 years now does he looks like a man that starts discourage oh No?  Ikechi is a strong bone he is really done something that an entire government should really recommend, there is something we hear, there is who we are, if the government can contribute, I can see the Lagos state government is contributing if every other state government can be like Lagos state government, for instance, I being a complete tourism destination has been on board to key in right from time because the system don’t still understand what these are all about, so Ikechi, all, organizer of the programme, family, friends I want you to keep going I can see the future.  Thank you.

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