Top 5 Most Developed African Countries By Region, According to World Population Review

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African countiresNorthern Africa

  1. Algeria (High Development)
  2. Tunisia (High Development)
  3. Lybia (High Development)
  4. Egypt (High Development)
  5. Morroco (Medium Development)

Southern Africa

  1. Seychelles (Very High Development)

2. Botswana (High Development)

3. South Africa (High Development)

  1. Namibia (High Development)

5. Eswatini ( Medium Development)

Eastern Africa

  1. Mauritius (Very high Development)
  2. Kenya (Medium Development)
  3. Comoros (Medium Development)
  4. Uganda ( Low Development)
  5. Rwanda (Low Development)

Central Africa

  1. Gabon (High Development)
  2. Equatorial Guinea (Medium Development)
  3. Sao Tome and Principe (Medium Development)
  4. Republic Of Congo (Medium Development)
  5. DRC (Low Development)

West Africa

  1. Cape Verde (Medium Development)
  2. Ghana (Medium Development)
  3. Cameron (Medium Developed)
  4. Benin Republic (Low Development)
  5. Nigeria (Low Development)



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