Teen Tennis Player Slaps Opponent After Loss At Junior Tournament In Accra, Ghana

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Teen Tennis player

A bizarre brawl has erupted at a junior tennis tournament in Ghana after the losing opponent slapped his rival when the pair went to shake hands.

The 15-year-old French tennis player who lost a match in Accra, Ghana, was captured slapping his opponent in the face at the International Tennis Federation’s juniors tournament on April 4.

This video, shows 15-year old Michael Kouame walking up to the net for a handshake and instead of slapping his winning Ghanaian opponent, Raphael Nii Ankrah. “We all expected a normal sportsmanship handshake,” Gibson said.

Kouame the No 1 seed heading into the tournament is currently ranked No 589 on the ITF Junior Rankings while Ankrah is ranked No 1,688 according to reports.

Raphael Nii Ankrah defeated 15-year-old Michael Kouame from France 6-2, 6-7, 7-6 in the first round of the ITF junior tournament in Ghana.

Things took a quick turn following the match when the defeated Kouame shook Ankrah’s hand at the net. As the pair shook hands, Kouame delivered a slap to the unsuspecting Ankrah.

The move clearly caught Ankrah and the fans by surprise as everyone reacted with shock as viewers yelled out, Slaps everywhere.
Michael Kouamé, from France, slapped junior tennis player, Raphael Nii Ankrah as the two went to shake hands at the end of their match.

However, the footage shows a short time after the slap a bizarre brawl broke out between the two camps. There has been no report as to why Kouame slapped his opponent. People were seen running off-court only moments after the incident.

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