Seven Nigerian Shows We Are Excited To See On DStv This Year

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The RishantesIt’s a new year! For most people, it means a fresh start and fresh opportunities. People typically decide in January whether they want to move jobs, change houses, learn a new skill, and the content they should spend their time watching.

Also, everyone has one agenda – make the best decisions that will set the tone and mood for the year. If you are one of those deciding how they want their 2023 to go, we promise this is for you! These seven shows will give you everything you need to enjoy your entertainment this new year. Some will help you connect with your emotions or give you political enlightenment. Others will inspire you, give you some social knowledge, or simply entertain and relax you.

Here are seven Nigerian shows you should be watching on DStv this year:

With Chude: This talk show will help you feel more in touch with your emotions as you watch top Nigerian celebrities open up about anything and everything. It showcases the uniqueness of some of your favorite celebs and shares stories that empower and bolster the spirit, heart, and mind. It focuses on spiritual guidance, mindfulness, well-being, happiness, love, and compassion. Join the incredible host, ChudeJideonwo, on Africa Magic Urban every Sunday at 8:00 pm to enjoy the show.

Off Air With Gbemi and Toolz: This show with two of Africa’s most sought-after media personalities, Gbemi and Toolz, is just what the doctor ordered to help you recharge your social battery. It is an informal talk show where the ladies discuss every topic. They talk about everything from gossip to expensive weddings, relationships, divorce, and plastic surgery. Nothing is off the table. If you need to relax with a hilarious talk show, do not miss the OffAir show with Gbemi and Toolz on Africa Magic Urban every Thursday at 9:30 pm.

Itura: This epic drama series is about the battle for peace in the young kingdom of Ibaokuta. Even though Jagungbade, the adored monarch, tried to build an empire on justice, equality, love, prosperity, and peace. His strange death will affect his people’s lives and alter the flow of events. Things in Ibaokuta will never be the same, but will they ever go back to the peaceful town they once were? Itura airs weekdays at 8:30 pm on AM Showcase (DStvch. 151).

Covenant: This political drama series follows the powerful families of the Ijimakindes, Gbadamosis, Erhus and the citizens of Oritameta. The show follows the complexities between the ruling class and the citizens, the craziness that the political elites handle, and the drama that love and pride can create. Every minute of the show will thoroughly entertain you. Watch Covenant on AM Showcase, weekdays at 8:00 pm on AM Showcase (DStv Ch. 151).

The Rishantes (Season 2): It is a thrilling telenovela about the powerful, wealthy, and passionate Rishante family. Despite having power and money, some unseen forces, bonded enemies, spies, and circumstances could bring about a catastrophic end for the family. Watch new episodes on African Magic Urban (ch. 153) on weekdays at 8:00 pm to watch the drama unfold.

Ricordi: It is a thirteen-episode series that borders on friendship and women supporting women. The series shows genuine connections between women still exist even if society says otherwise. Produced by ex-BBNaija housemate Diane Russet, Ricordi airs every Monday on Africa Magic Showcase (ch. 151) at 9 pm.

Come Play Naija: Relax after every hard week of work with the second season of Come Play Naija. It is a fun-filled show with excitement and plenty of prizes. The 60-minute game show involves two teams competing against each other for a chance to win millions of Naira and other surprise prizes, including a brand-new car.

If you want to enjoy these shows, take advantage of the new DStv hardware bundle that costs N16,500. The bundle comprises a Zapper Decoder, DStv dish and a 1-month Compact subscription. Visit, dial *288#, or use the MyDStv app to upgrade or renew your subscription.


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