Pastor Ransom Nweke: Latter House Assembly RCCG, Celebrates Children’s Day In A Fun Fair

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By: Nwanma Ogidi

Pastor NwekeIt’s that time of the year again when children are been celebrated. Indeed, it was fun galore for the children, parents, and members of the Latter House Assembly Area Headquarter RCCG of Agbedina Avenue, Olowora, Lagos on Sunday.

This year’s celebration was super exciting as Pastor Ransom Nweke open the dance floor of the children’s party to mark the 2022 children’s day.

Sunday, 29th May was set aside at RCCG, Latter House Assembly Area Headquarter, LP2 as the special children’s day service in the church and it recorded a whole lot of vibe as the church decided to celebrate the children in grand style.

Pastor Ransom Nweke has admonished children to note that they are leaders of tomorrow, and therefore, they should aim high at growing up to be responsible citizens of society and be helpful to their families.

RCCG children

In an interview with Waka About Africa, Pastor Nweke urged parents to take very seriously the upbringing of the children in a Godly way, teach them values of hard work, values of honesty, values of respecting elders, values of speaking the truth, ensuring the good of others and not to be selfish in life, stressing that the training of children should not be relegated to help and technology.

He debunked the misconception of social media is taking children away, some parents think training a child means giving that child whatever he or she wants; explaining that raising a child involves paying attention, patience, and discipline.

To parents, he said, “it’s not all about education, not all about preaching the word as important as it is, at Latter House Assembly Area Headquarter of RCCG, we also make a social gathering for the children. “Parents should know that the problem of Nigeria today begins from the home, when you neglect the upbringing of your children the societal ills will increase”. No matter how busy you are, have time for your children and be aware of what he or she is doing.”

Memory verse Unit

He advised parents to train up their wards in the way of the Lord and teach them proper cultural and Christian values. He mentioned that it is the duty of both parents to raise a child, take that child to Church and monitor what he or she is doing while in Church.

He added that parents should be good examples to their children because many children imitate the lifestyle of their parents.

He however warned that anyone who refuses to raise his or her child properly should be prepared for the consequences because according to him, a child who is not well-trained would bring shame to his or her parents.

Pastor Nweke expressed shock and disappointment to know that in our nation today, a 17-year-old child no longer has fear to cut off someone’s head in the name of making money, he questioned “how did Nigeria get to this level”, he advised that ill-gotten money does not last going back to memory history. Parents should cater properly for the upbringing which is necessary for a child’s life.

Choronagraphy Unit

As part of this year’s children’s day celebration and the RCCG, Latter House Assembly Area Headquarter’s theme: “Children Vessels of laughter” many religious bodies, schools, organizations, etc in Nigeria, the 27th of May is set aside to celebrate children, on this day every year.

Children in Nigeria are granted a holiday as part of the government’s plan of promoting civilization in the country to create recognition of the welfare and rights of the children.

According to Pastor Mrs. Jinatu Ramson-Nweke in her well-detailed bible study, she said children are a gift to families and they are meant to be appreciated and adored everywhere around the world, especially on a day like this.

In her ministration, reading from the bible verse from Numbers 22:53, she says children are the inheritance from God, they are our jewel, she urged parents to always pray and care for children.


“Children are our hope, joy, laughter, and defender,  they are God’s witness, taken her verses from Gen. 18:11 & 13, Ps 127: 3-5. God loves the children more than we do”, she said.

Pastor Mrs. Nweke carefully ministered to parents on the values and what children possess, saying that they are gifts from God, they increase happiness in the family, Luke 18: 15-17.

Every good and perfect gift is from above. Children are exceptional imitators. Let us be deliberate about giving them something great to imitate. This is why a day is set annually in each country to celebrate children and allow them to express themselves and be happy, she noted.

The Pastor of RCCG

The high point of the event was the praise and worship led by the children’s choir, drama, choreography, and the memory verse that got everyone dazed at the beauty of the children and the excellence of the presentations.

For the first time in a while, I wished I could be a child all over again…as 8year old Kasalachi Seyi Oladejo, a primary 3 pupil dazzles everyone with her Saxophone. She said, it makes me happy to play and it helps me to be able to worship God”.

Church members

Services rendered include fun themes free medical services, bouncing castles, games, popcorn, ice cream,  Food & drinks, etc. the children had fun unlimited in God’s presence;

Children’s Day is on the 27th of May in Nigeria, it is a public holiday in Nigeria and businesses stay open, children are, in many cases, given a day off school to celebrate Children’s Day with their families.

RCCG Children1

It’s an event observed and celebrated by people and organizations across Nigeria. It’s an international holiday for a child that was first established in Nigeria in 1964.


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