Pastor Ransom Nweke Celebrates Birthday, Says ‘You Can Never Discover Who You Really Are Except In Christ’

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By: Nwanma Ogidi


PastorThe pastor of Latter House Assembly Area Headquarters, LP2 RCCG, celebrates his 49th birthday in the month of October with Funfair.

In keeping with tradition, the RCCG believers and associates took to different cultural dances and attire to celebrate their own Pastor while many take to media and social media to congratulate the Pastor.

Pastor Ransom is not just a newsmaker but a businessman and a renowned man of God who has become the good news himself.

This year’s birthday is like no other as members of the RCCG, Latter House Assembly Area Headquarters, LP2 and thousands of his followers and admirers around the world celebrate his birthday and other October celebrants, the reports of the Man of God, his ministry in RCCG, and global impact dominate the news.

From taking the gospel to those around him unreached across the nation and the world over, feeding the hungry, lifting the poor out of poverty in their Tens and hundreds, and fighting to preserve the body of Christ from attacks by end-time forces, the world will have enough to read about Pastor Ransom Nweke.

Below are excerpts:

 Sir, your family is celebrating you this month of October, and every other member of your congregation and in Christendom, how do you feel celebrating this year 2022?

 Pastor:  First I want to give all the glory back to God, that we are alive is by the mercies of God and so it’s always exciting to discover you are alive not only just you are alive, that you are in Christ and we are celebrating in Christ and so I return all the glory back to God because several of my age mates those we were born same day several have gone but the mercy of God has kept me and has kept every one celebrated in the month of October so we are deeply grateful to the almighty God.

Today in your sermon you preached about the discovery of who you are, and what informed your message.

 Pastor: You can never discover who you really are except in Christ, to find out about a product there must be recourse to the manufacturer, for any human being to actually know the purpose of his existence he must be found only in Christ. Several years ago when I discovered the purpose of God for my life, it was a turning point for me, it was a turning point in the sense that my thinking changed, my behavior changed, knowing that there is glory ahead of me and so the topic of today is more or less than the hand of God satisfies, and we talked about how we know the hand of  God could satisfy and when the hand of God comes upon you it makes you discover who you really are and that is your divine identity in Christ.

Pastor RansomToday you’re celebrating 49yrs, could it be why you’re preaching discovery?

Pastor: The Bible said we should number our days and apply our hearts unto wisdom, every year is unique, according to the scripture God told the children of Israel that after forty-nine years they should declare a jubilee for their land, for me been forty-nine means me entering my year of Jubilee, and if anyone understands what Jubilee means, it’s a season of discovery, it’s a season of a new beginning, for the next one year for me I see it as a turning point in my life, though it may not look like a landmark age for me been forty-nine means I’m stepping into my Jubilee and in every day  I leave and wake I see reasons to give God thanks and praise.

Do you know the purpose of God in your life?

Let me tell you my story and my story will open certain things to you.  Even when you do not know God he still loves you and he sees upon your life, I’m the twelfth child of my parents, eight from my mum and I happen to be the first son, prior to this moment my daddy had been looking for male child typical of an Igbo man, married my mother first had girls and felt he needed a male child married extra three wives the keep having baby girls until I came as the twelfth child, On the day of my birth strange things happened in my family house, that made my parents visits seven native doctors as I was told by my parents and a native doctor confirmed to them that the child that was born is going to be God’s own property. We are twenty-six in my father’s house I am the only child from my father that has no trade mark on because I could remember I was in primary five, a native doctor was invited to plant charm in me and the native doctor expressly told my parents that no marks should be made on me because I am wholly God’s property, so right even from the time I do not know God the hands of God has been upon me.

Can you look back today and talk about your life in Christ?

Pastor: Let’s talk about where I am today, I never believe I will ever amount to anything, it has been the hand of God,  how can you explain someone who has done a conductor job in Lagos, someone who hawked Gala on the streets of Lagos, someone who hawked bread on the street of Ojota to be what he is today, also go to University, studied abroad and today by the grace of God have companies and employees under him and to ever get to this point it could only be God and my life is a testimony of what God could do and so the hand of God is obvious in my life and I could only return glory back to him and it’s not there because I’m holier or righteous it’s just the mercy of God that has found me out, and I’m grateful to the almighty.

What is the greatest thing you celebrate God for?

Pastor: The greatest thing I celebrate God for is the salvation of my soul and the gift of life

Your little son said he wants to buy a car for you, going forward, what more do you want from God?

 Pastor: I want to know God more, I want to find new opportunities to tell God thank you for all he has done for me, if God stops at what He has done now, He has overdone all I need to do.  Every day of my life is to find a simple way of telling God thank you, I appreciate all you have done for me.  My son will always tell me ‘I will buy you a car, I will buy you an airplane so I’m sure when you will ask him he will always remember his car but I’m grateful to the two angels God gave to me.  I asked for Children but God gave me two angels and I’m deeply grateful, this is my nineteen years in marriage, it has not been easy but it has been God all the way for these nineteen years of married life and I return all the glory back to him.

Pastor Nweke I see different cultural attire and dancers in the church today, one may ask why bringing culture into the church?

 Pastor: Look let’s be real, the Bible was written with the historical background of a particular people, every one of our cultures is not demonic, every one of our cultures is not bad and that’s the mistake we the Africans are making, we are jettisoning our culture throwing it into the dustbin and imbibe the western culture. I have nothing wrong with that, but I still see things to celebrate about our culture and also allow our cultural day in the church because we should celebrate our diversity as a nation deposition fans embers of Disunity but for me, there is more to unite as Nigerians that divide us and so we should celebrate our diversity, particularly in the RCCG, RCCG is a global church it’s not a tribal church and so what we did was simply said every nation, every tribe you’re welcome in our Parish, we are not a tribal church, and we are ready every day to celebrate our diversity.

What is your advice to your members and loved ones?

Always remember your root, if you don’t know where you’re coming from you will not know where you are going, always make reference to your root don’t jettison your root, for them my brethren who are celebrating today always remember God, always honor God, whatever you have and whatever you will ever have come from God and until you give him glory all is not well, for them please never forget God, honor God and the rest of your desires he will surely bring them to pass.

Finally, what is your message to the GO, family and RCCG?

To my GO, Pastor E.A. Adeboye, my greatest Mentor, I’m not saying it because I’m been asked, my children know, Pastor Enoch Adeleye Adeboye my children call him the ‘Big Daddy’. My Serving God in the Redeemed Christian Church Of God has been instrumental to it, he’s an Icon, he’s my hero and so I celebrate him.  I also celebrate my wife for nineteen years it has not been easy, I’m a workaholic man, and to stay with me for a day you must be strong and I thank God for the life of my children too.  I want to thank God for every member of Latter House Assembly, we are just barely one year in this Parish and they have been supportive God has helped the church and has taken church to the next level and so I celebrate with every member of Latter House Assembly and at large the entire Christendom and the Redeemed Christian Church of God.


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