Nduka Anyanwu: My Call To Service, Says Ahiazu Mbaise APGA Candidate

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Anyanwu NdukaIt is a well-known fact that public office or rather, politics is a call to serve. The service so to say should be selfless, and objective and must focus on addressing the challenges of the people, who have called you into Service. Unfortunately, the foregoing is lacking in most Nigerian public office holders; a status quo that I have come to change.

Over the years, I have always imagined, prayed and anticipated being a liberator. A political liberator for my people and rewrite the narratives. This is because I grew up through the harsh realities of the Nigerian system. I swore never to be deterred, instead to remain resolute and acquire as much training as possible, as well as the economic might to enable me to salvage the system and give my people some sense of belonging.

Growing up in the Enyimba city of Aba, Abia State, I attended Township Primary School, Aba. l proceeded to Osusu Secondary School, Aba and later wrote my Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE) at Ngwa Ihekwe Secondary School, Abia State in 1996.

After my secondary education, I went into a pharmaceutical apprenticeship at Ariaria, Aba, under the tutelage of Mr. John Onukogu, the owner of “John Seekers”, Aba. After my apprenticeship, I got financial assistance from my humble parents to start up my own patent shop in the same Enyimba city. With the money I realized from my business, I added another stream of income, which was the transportation business among others; cumulatively, I was able to raise money, which aided my migrating abroad in the year 2000, in search of greener pastures.

The reason for the above is not to bore you with my history, but to make you understand that I have a feel of what life is to the common man. It’s to make you understand that an average Mbaise man desires a positive change and new lease of life, which must be guaranteed by those they entrust with leadership.

In addition to my secondary education, I studied nursing science at GEM Nursing School in Johannesburg, South Africa. So, I am both a medical practitioner and a businessman.

The above has enabled me the opportunity of having contact; I mean, proper contact with the majority of the common Nigerians. I have what it takes to impact positively on the lives of the average youths, women, men and children, using the instrumentality of government. The task, difficult though it is, is achievable for one who is in constant touch with the real Nigerians; the common man.

My debut in politics is to help me contribute my quota in salvaging the system and delivering the dividends of democracy to my people. Sitting on the fence does not guarantee positive change and good governance; so, with you by my side, we can do better. This is why I have clamored in different fora, that the people should take back their country and not leave it

in the hands of those who have continued to hold us down over the years. It is time for a paradigm shift from the old normal to the new normal.

In my desire to represent my dear Ahiazu Mbaise people at the Imo State House of Assembly, come 2023. I pledge to be the embodiment of the true MBAISE SPIRIT of selflessness, responsibility, fairness, courage, hard work, and commitment to Social Justice, fairness, and sincerity

I will leave no stone unturned towards ensuring the growth and development of our dear Constituency. My attention will fully be given to the under-mentioned areas:

Education and skills

My priority is to make Ahiazu an education hub; through this, I would have succeeded in liberating our people from the shackles of ignorance, illiteracy, and poverty.

This is what I consider empowerment and wealth creation. This was the reason I embarked on an interschool debate, across secondary schools in Ahiazu Mbaise in 2021. It’s on record.

It is important to note that development is measured by Human Development Index (HDI). With this, we can pull our people out of poverty, not by mere stomach infrastructure. Ndi Ahiazu deserve better.

I will create an avenue where every secondary school in Ahiazu can reach me with ease. I hope to make ICT compulsory in the entire school in Ahiazu Mbaise through government assistance and the help of my friends overseas.

In the next four years or more, we will definitely have tech experts. Teachers will also be trained in the use of computers. To start with, I will ensure the erection of the ICT Library in all registered secondary schools across Ahiazu; this includes private and public schools.  I will also ensure I visit the schools personally from time to time.

Ahiazu is going to produce software developers and other ICT experts. The world’s economy is anchored on ICT and we must let our people understand this.

It is no longer the business of sharing peanuts and making empty promises. Oil prices have crashed. The covid-19 pandemic must have opened our insight; so, we must consider options that can thrive in these complex and changing times.

Other areas of interest are:

Youth and Women Empowerment

Infrastructure and Industrial Development

Health, Sports, and Social Services.

Community Development.

These will be achieved:

* Sponsoring and Co-Sponsoring relevant Bills and Motions that will impact positively the good people of the AhiazuMbaise state Constituency.

* Facilitating gainful employment and access to poverty reduction schemes of the Government.

* Attracting Investments and encouraging the establishment of Small-Scale business concerns to utilize the abundant raw materials and manpower in AhiazuMbaise.

* Championing literacy excellence at all levels of Education through financial support for outstanding and special needs students in full-time study.

* Promoting ICT capacity among the Youths, upscaling access to Technology in Schools, and Poverty Skill acquisition with Starter – packs.

* Support for Health Care Institutions, Orphanages, special citizens, HIV/AIDS and Covid-19 advocacy and general Health related Campaigns.

* Agriculture will be given holistic attention, as most nations of the world are going back to land. Aside from support to Farmers through the purchase of seedlings, implements, insecticides and equipment for primary processing, working with other levels of government. I will ensure that our farmers get their fair share of available resources and opportunities.

* Arts, Culture, Music and Capacity–building initiatives will be supported and promoted to empower our artisans, artists, and other creative minds, Institutions and Activities.

* Projecting and embodying a firm, respected, consistent and informed Voice in the House of Representatives.

* Forging and maintaining a positive working synergy with the Leaders, the Youths and Community Organization.

* Community Development program including market development and small credit scheme to benefit Market Women.

* Establishing a functional Constituency office within AhiazuMbaise Local Government Area, to enhance access to all.

* Prudent utilization of Constituency Funds for genuine, people – focussed, transparent and verifiable projects and programs.

In all, I promise to be accessible, and reachable, make our people proud, and represent you honestly and respectfully, to the best of my abilities.

Please, give me your vote and support; then, hold me accountable.



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