My Wife Never Suggested I Was A Child Molester- TVC Host Husband, Brown Kabiti

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The recent dust raised on various social media platform as a result of the comment by Morayo Brown on her morning show “Your View” during the week claiming that she will never allow her husband to bath her female daughters seems to have died down after her husband took to his Facebook page to debunk claims that his wife referred him as violating his female daughters or not trusting him enough with the daughters.

Brown Kabiti, the husband to the television celebrity in his post debunked the claims that his wife in any way suggested that he was a child molester. In his post “You need not to fret about what my wife said on TV. My wife never in any way suggested I was a child molester. She stated her trust in her husband, then said she wouldn’t allow her husband bath her daughters.”

Kabiti referred the allegations online as the work of negative souls who took pleasure in twisting his wife’s statement. He also commended the enlightened ones among the critics who understood her message and even agreed with her.

In his take about the whole scenario, he stated that he made the rules that as long as his wife or a female person is available, he can never bath any of his daughters because that is his own modus operandi for raising his own daughters. His wife according to him merely made the mistake of speaking on TV as if she made those rules.


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