My Birthday Wish: “I Want Nigerians To Pray For The Country” – Hon Quadri-adu pleads

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Hon. Quadri-adu Shakir Kehinde’s CMC, FMC, MITPN wish for his 2022 birthday request is to pray for the country, Nigeria.

Birthdays are a wonderful time to celebrate the life God has given us and to encourage our friends and family with uplifting words. Hon. Kehinde’s beautiful prayer request is a wonderful way to thank God for his life

Birthday wishes to loved ones on their birthday is a sign of love and care, it encourages and reminds them of God’s great love and presence in their life and yours

Hon. Quadri Kehinde, a Culture and Tourism expert has asked Nigerians to use his birthday celebration to pray for our nation Nigeria.

Hon. Kehinde who is also the head of Culture and Tourism for the African Union ECOSOCC Nigeria celebrates his birthday today, 20th of March, is so grateful to God despite the situation in the country.

Quadri-adu Shakir Kehinde, called on Nigerians irrespective of their religious background to pray for the well-being of the country.

Kehinde who spoke to Waka About Africa in Lagos said that the situation in Nigeria now needs more prayer, therefore, he is using the opportunity of his birthday celebration to call on Nigerians to pray to God.

“I am using this medium to call on my friends, family members and associates to use my birthday today Sunday 20th March to pray for Nigeria,” he said.

In his special request to his country people, Nigeria to pray from between 1 pm, “It will be appreciated if by between 1:00 pm and 1:10 pm you can do SUJUD (Prostrate to God Almighty) and ask Him to take control of the affairs of this country” Kehinde added.

“This is a clarion call on every good Nigerian associated with me, Christians, Muslims and people of other religions that believe in this country”, he added.

Beautiful Happy Birthday Prayers and Blessings to Hon. Quadri-adu Shakir Kehinde


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