Moses Armstrong: AGN Suspends The Nollywood Actor, Allegedly Defiling 16-Year-Old Girl

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Actor Moses Armstrong1The Akwa Ibom State Police Command has arrested famous Nollywood actor, Moses Armstrong for allegedly raping a 16-year-old girl.

Meanwhile, the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN),  suspended actor Moses Armstrong, for allegedly defiling a 16-year-old girl.

Waka About Africa had reported that Armstrong was arrested for allegedly defiling the teenager. Monalisa Chinda, AGN Director of Communications, announced the suspension in a statement made available on Saturday.

Chinda quoted Emeka Rollas, AGN President, as stating that the indefinite suspension became necessary following an investigation by the guild on the rape allegation.

Part of the statement read: “Actor Moses Armstrong has been placed on indefinite suspension by the National Executive Committee of the Actors Guild of Nigeria over his arrest by the police on allegation of raping a minor,” the statement read.

“Armstrong’s suspension was based on facts emanating from the preliminary investigations conducted by the Guild on the allegation.”

The AGN noted that in its advocacy against violation of women, the allegation against Moses Armstrong is capable of tarnishing its good image and reputation if urgent action is not taken in accordance with the constitutional provisions of the Guild.

“The National President, Ejezie Emeka Rollas, said it is a sad development but nobody is above the law, especially on rape and abuse of women.

“‘Though it is our duty to protect our members when it comes to serious allegations, the law will have to take its course,” the National President said.

Armstrong, while on suspension, is not expected to participate in any film production or guild activities.

Also, the National/State Chapter Task Forces have been directed to monitor all film locations and production sets in Nigeria as a violation of the suspension rules may lead to further stiff disciplinary measures as stipulated by the AGN constitution.

He disclosed that the case is being handled by Akwa Ibom’s First Lady, Martha Udom Emmanuel through her Family Empowerment and Youth Re-Orientation Path Initiative.

Rollas said: “To get involved with a child as young as 16 years, is not something I and the association I represent stand for.

“This is a very sad development involving a member of ours, but I would not want to comment any further on this case.”

The AGN president added that the organization frowns at such a crime.



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