It is Not Normal Time in Imo State Any Longer, Mike Ahamba Alarms

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Mike Ahamba SAN, veteran politician of strong character is not one that talks on the drop of hat or fights and runs away. He is known for his straightforwardness. He is also known to have made name for himself in Law and politics. That is he never climb on anybody name to achieve his ultimate goal in both chosen fields. If you like, you may not be too wrong if you refer to him as one man riot squad. In football parlance, he is one we refer to as the only goalkeeper that can score himself. He makes a good copy anytime he decides to speak on the state of the nation or any national issue (s). That is the kind of reputation he built for himself over these years. He does not sit around looking for whom to come to interview him. He is a core professional who never takes no to an answer and we were lucky to corner him in time like this in the country.   

He is one of the few very principled politicians that still have their reputation intact. One can vividly say that Ahamba did not join politics to make wealth. He won election into the then Imo State House of Assembly during the second republic on the platform of the defunct National Party of Nigeria (NPN) and was very vibrate contributing meaningfully on the floor of the Assembly on overall oneness and development of the state cum nation.

As the Minority Leader in the House, he made his mark. His savvy was dripping and unassuming; As a young man then, he was not reckless in his statements neither did he resort to blackmail or name calling to get his way through.

A straightforward fellow and an advocate of equal right; note that he does not take solace on the platter of being in opposition then where he equally stood better chance of grabbing where he did not sow to enrich himself which sadly is the order of day in today’s Nigerian politics which its endemic proportion makes Nigeria seat on the klieg of gunpowder presently thereby endangering the entire society.

He calls a spade by its name and as usual Waka About Africa caught up with him in an era like this in the country and his home state, Imo where absurd happens in the name of politics. If you like to term it or refer to it as like Nigeria, like Imo State

It was vintage Mike Ahamba, a traditional Chief and Senior Advocate of Nigeria. What you are holding currently in your hands is Hold- No- Barred interview from one of the few living honest Nigerians. He likes telling it bare on the grave state of the nation’s naughty issues, this chat can only be in your soaraway favorite Waka About Africa.   

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It is served fresh and gritty. Enjoy!!  









Speaking with Chief Mike Ahamba SAN, a chieftain of People Democratic Party in Owerri the Imo State capital on state of the Nation, and the way Governor Rochas Okorocha decided to run the State as a family empire he said, “I don’t belong to the APC, if Rochas wants to buy form for their children, grand-children or everybody else that is none of my business, my business is to stop them from winning the election period and I will stop at nothing to effect such through the ballot, I assure you we will stop them lawfully”. I must tell you it is not a normal time in Imo State everyone in the State is aware. It is not hidden the misrule Okorocha has made a way of life now. The way and manner of his way of administering the State leave a sour taste in the mouth. Imo electorates will not let go. Okorocha and his likes will be shown the way out.  


On if the governor does not have the legal right for his son-in-law to become Governor, he said, oh! he has, but that’s not the right thing to do, he has a right to contest and we have a right to refuse to elect him, that’s what we must understand in a democracy, don’t disturb anybody who wants to do anything so far is legitimate, just exercise your own right to say no, to prevent that thing from happening.  But remember Imo State is nobody’s private estate, we have passed such Okorocha is dangling.

 It may happen in other climes definitely not in Imo State. Never will it. But come to think of what Okorocha wants to institute in Imo State of all states lives much to desire, It won’t see the light of the day. Imo people have suffered a great deal for eight years and would not make the same mistake come 2019 elections.

You have your own candidate, the other person has his own candidate, that you do not like the other candidate does not mean you should tell him not to run, all you need is to deny him the votes period and the  matter will end that’s my own approach to politics, I’ve never asked anybody not to run election, I believe that if that candidate is not fit and proper to run stop him at the polls, if you can’t stop him at congress of the party, stop him at the polls, you don’t prevent him from saying I want to run, I can say I want to be President tomorrow, and there are so many parties with so many people who said they want to be President they call themselves used, now they want to be President, they don’t have structure at the local governments, that’s the type of administration they will bring when they become President. 

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If you want to run for President without a candidate at the Local government, House of Assembly, without a candidate for Federal house, with a Senatorial candidate without a Gubernatorial candidate and all you care about is running for President with all qualification and a young man, you are free that day you will go to the one hundred and twenty polling booths and stand for yourself.

The 2019 Gubernatorial and Presidential elections are just a few months away. Political parties and their juggernauts are planning, projecting and posturing into what may be. But for my beloved Imo, it has become confusion galore. Apart from the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, that has learned the hard way from their past wrongs,  the other two main parties, namely the All Progressive Congress, APC,  and All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA  are in turmoil.  No doubt it will rub off dirty in their performances in the election in the State and even at the national level. Imo people in particular and Nigerians, in general, have learned their lesson in a very bitter and hard way and as such won’t dare travel the same lonely and fearful road of sufferings and denials.


The PDP has Hon. Emeka Ihedioha as flag bearer, while the fate of the other two still hangs in some uncertainty. APGA Logo APC, in spite of the huge sums spent by the incumbent Governor, Rochas Okorocha, largely and hell-bent to foist his son-in-law Uche Nwosu upon the people and he lost the fight for supremacy still ranges on between them though APC leadership seems to have recognized Hope Uzodinma but Uche Nwosu is yet to give up, the scenario is still unfolding and will not affect the chance of the party, though that the party ruled the state was due to fraudulent second term election of the Governor the unpreparedness of the PDP in 2015 now it will be a different ball game no matter how the election will be conducted in Imo State there is no how Okorocha or Uzodinma and APC will win in the heartland State.

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The time for primaries has expired, there is lamentation everywhere in the camp of Okorocha, a  carpet crosser, who came into Imo politics carrying the Holy Bible as a Pentecostal, in his right hand and Charity work for children of the less privileged on his left hand. He even preached to those who must listen to him at the Government House Chapel.

But that was for his first two years in his first tenure. Soon after, he changed. But few Imolites knew, even some of the very elites did not care to ask God who he was. And so, he got a second term by defeating men like Emeka Ihedioha and the Captain, Iheanacho of APGA.

As soon as he got the second term mandate, he dropped the Bible and took hold of the Holy Quran. A typical case Mr. Camelon, but he forgot that God is the master who rewards the deceiver with a great sense of humor. People lamented for Rochas Okorocha who blew the chances God gave him on the altar of wrong presumptions about Imo people.  It’s not about party politics; it’s about God and Imo peoples’ covenant with God. Whoever will lead Imo State hereafter must never forget that there is a covenant between Imo and God,


On why Imolites are receiving such poor governance from Okorocha, why is this happening to them, Ahamba explained that the person was elected by his people as an elected person he is in charge, according to him, Okorocha was elected and when people have all these people and they look for people like that to elect, whatever they get, they take it, this is it if somebody could open his mouth and said what is spoiling, the roads in his state is acidic rain, then there is trouble somewhere but in any case why would you blame anybody, what is the qualification to be elected, ability to speak English to the understanding of the electorates  that is all you need, quote me is in the constitution, after all those academic settings what matters most is your school certificate, that’s all, that’s the minimum, so why do you look at certificate anyway while doing election with that in the constitution.

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