I’m Yet To Come Across a Man With Qualities I Desire — Bimbo Akinsanya

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Bimbo AkinsanyaPopular Nollywood actress, Bimbo Akinsanya walked away from an abusive marriage with a three-month-old son some years back and has since remained single. In this interview, she shares her experience of life as a single mother and the possibility of another shot at the institution. Read:

What has been happening to you lately, in your career?

I have been focusing more on the production side of movies at the moment. As much as I love acting, I am trying to make more time to be with my son. Being a single mother, it is important for me that my son is not affected by my absence.

As a veteran actress, what is your assessment of the Yoruba movie industry?

I believe the Yoruba movie industry is expanding, there’s been even more exposure due to social media and YouTube platforms. There’s been a pay rise from what I have experienced, and I believe the Yoruba movie industry is definitely improving.

How has life been as a single mother?

To be honest, life as a single mother hasn’t been a walk in the park. I wouldn’t say it’s easy doing everything on one’s own without much-needed support. I’ve had to single-handedly bear the responsibility of my son whilst pregnant with him to date. After separating from my ex-husband, I have not received any support from him whatsoever. However, in all things, I give thanks to God for being my backbone. I am also grateful to be surrounded by loving siblings and my mother whose help has been of great comfort.

Is it true that our society doesn’t take kindly to single mothers or divorcees?

I would say it depends on how you view yourself and how you present yourself in society as a divorcee. I believe there’s absolutely no shame in leaving a marriage that could have led one to an early grave.

Do you have any regrets about walking out of your marriage?

I have no regrets whatsoever. I am grateful that I was able to leave safely with my son. I value my peace of mind. To walk out of my marriage with a 3 month-old meant I had been pushed to the limit; hence, I have no regret in placing the welfare of my son and mine at high priority.

If you are married again, what and what would you do differently?

I will pay attention to certain red flags during the courtship season, in addition to getting to know that person much better. Finding out more details about the family of a future spouse is of high significance. For example, I understand that not everyone was raised in a loving environment as I was. Some parents subject their children to an environment of domestic abuse which ends up sowing detrimental seeds in their children’s mentality.

Looking back at your marriage, would you say you were at fault or didn’t have enough patience?

Looking at what I had to endure in my marriage, I am definitely not at fault. To be honest, I believed I didn’t lack patience; however I couldn’t raise my son in an environment infested with domestic violence, I couldn’t bear to see history repeat itself.

Who are you voting for in the next presidential election and why?

I will be voting for Tinubu as I have witnessed the impact he has made in the lives of other candidates. And I believe in his previous post as a governor, he left a good legacy which many are currently emulating..such as Fashola, Ambode, Sanwo-Olu and the likes. The difference in Lagos speaks, and I believe Tinubu will surely make a positive difference in Nigeria.

Do the opposite sex still find you attractive and how often are you wooed?

Yes, the opposite sex still finds me attractive and I do receive advances. However, I am currently taking my time due to past experiences. There are some qualities I desire in a man which I’m yet to come across. I want to be sure for my sake and that of my son.

What has life taught you and what plans do you have for the future?

Life has taught me to be genuine and true to myself, to sow good seeds in the lives of others, and to draw my family closer as they are the ones who are there in times of adversity.

As per my future plans, I desire to grow career-wise, continue to raise my son with Godly virtues, get married to a Godly man and continue to positively impact those around me. Overall, I desire to remain in the will of God. Culled.


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