Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, The Man Whose Word Is His Bond…

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A graduate of the University of Lagos, Akoka-Yaba,, Chukwuemeka Ihedioha a native of Mbutu Aboh Mbaise Local Government Area in Imo State

Ihedioha is a Knight of the order of St. Christopher of the Anglican Communion. He was conferred with Diocesan Merit Award by the Diocese of Mbaise, Anglican Communion and is a recipient of several chieftaincy titles.

A committed family man, married and blessed with four children. Former Deputy Speaker, House of Representatives, Hon. Emeka Ihedioha has said the need for Imo State to have a government that will sincerely and conscientiously work for the people was one of the reasons he joined the Imo governorship race for the second time.

The fact that the health of the state, between when I contested the 2015 governorship election and now, has further deteriorated including the concerns of well-meaning stakeholders spurred me to offer myself, again for service, Ihedioha, a top contender for the Imo Government House, said. The former deputy speaker stated this in Imo State, during his statewide-ward toward consultation with PDP stakeholders and leaders ahead of the party governorship primaries. The former lawmaker assured that he would repair the state by offering quality leadership, hard work and sincerity of purpose he urged Imolites.

Hon Emeka Ihedioha Like the proverbial elephant described differently by some blind men, the personality of Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha is both complex and confounding. While several people describe him as someone with an unmitigated love for his reputation and could go any length to protect it, others see him from the prism of his legislative accomplishments as one with a strong drive for excellence. Yet, there are others who mainly due to their myopia, perceive him unpleasantly.

Truly Ihedioha can be captured in different words, but one description that aptly embodies his essence is doggedness, forthrightness, and integrity. It is pertinent to emphasize these virtues because of the need to ensure that the mistakes of 2015 are not repeated. That was a period when many Imolites where hoodwinked by the euphoria of Rochas Okorocha’s empty populism, to vote in a man who in all sense lacked the character and the reputation needed to become a Governor in Imo State. Using the power of oration and questionable reputation as a philanthropist Okorocha succeeded in deceiving the people to make them believe he was their messiah.

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Rochas Okorocha who tricked everybody, from eating fried plantain along the streets to moving around on Keke NAPEP or riding on Okada, Okorocha played the kind of politics that could easily bamboozle those who did not know his antecedents. At that point, Okorocha was very vocal with his signature quote: “Politicians think about the next election while leaders think about the next generation”.

As it would happen, the people of Imo did not ask questions about Okorocha who deceived the unwary. Today, they are all suffering for that wrong choice. But Imolite cannot continue to fold their arms and lament that unfortunate episode. As the 2019 election draws closer, it’s important to once again remind Ndi Imo about the true character of the man who is qualified and deserves to be elected to become the next occupant of Douglas House. He is no other than “that Green Cap Man”, Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, and the former Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives.

His first appearance in 2015, as a gubernatorial aspirant, ended in anti-climax. His defeat at the polls by Rochas Okorocha, sitting governor of Imo State, was haunted by inter-party squabbles and betrayals Four years after that unbecoming incident, Ihedioha is on the hustings again for the exalted office of Governor, Imo State.

The Aboh Mbaise- a born politician has remained consistent even after the 2015 election went against popular expectations. For those who monitored that election and had better knowledge of it, Ihedioha was coasting home to victory before some desperate manipulators moved in. By the close of voting on that very day, the results coming in from Orlu Zone, Owerri Zone and parts of Okigwe Zone placed Ihedioha on a very comfortable lead. It was over the night that some agents of darkness connived to subvert the peoples’ mandate. But in a way, many Imolite still believe that Okorocha’s triumph in 2015 was allowed to expose his true person. Now, Imo people can no longer be hoodwinked by those who eat corn on the street to secure their votes without any plan for them or their children


Unlike, Okorocha, whose name has been smeared in the mud of corruption, nepotism, deceit and betrayal, Ihedioha’s first great asset has been his name recognition. No serious analyst can question the track record of a man whose foray in public administration began with a stint as the presidential assistant in 1999. Thereafter, he won election into the Federal House of Representatives and because of his character and performance, he was chosen by his colleagues in the hallowed chambers to become the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives in his third term as a federal lawmaker. 

Ihedioha has obviously become better politically and this is evident in the way he has portaged himself since 2015. This has obviously won him a lot of fans, especially among those who are fed up with Okorocha’s incompetence and shenanigan. The common mantra among Ihedioha’s ardent followers and supporters is that his word is his bond. And indeed, this is true to a very large extent. Even his worst critics will readily agree that Ihedioha is a man of character and is not wanting in integrity either. His pedigree is straight and clean and his intellectual capacity is not in question. Many PDP members believe that if the contest is all about integrity, intellect, and clean background, then Ihidiola will carry the day.

Among other contenders, he is touted to have the farthest political reach and network outside of Imo State. Besides, given the recurrent leadership gap in Imo State since 1999, his long-standing legislative experience is reckoned to stand him in the good stead of a democrat and consensus builder.

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Meanwhile, it is on record that 40 percent of passable roads in Imo today are those attracted by Ihedioha. The roads scattered around the state, especially in Ikeduru, Mbaise, Ngor Okpala, Ihitte Uboma, Owerri West-Ohaji Egbema, etc., were products of Ihedioha’s interventions as House of Representatives Deputy Speaker. If therefore elected the next governor, the state will witness what it means to have a man with capacity at the helm of affairs.

Given his vast experience in the executive as a former presidential aide in the executive and at the House where he mastered the art of lawmaking, there is no doubt that Imo under the watch of Ihedioha will be administered with all level of decency and administrative decorum. And the people will begin to see the positive effects of governance within and around them.


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