Here Are African Countries That Consume Alcohol Most

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Alcoholic CountriesAlcohol is one of the world’s oldest and most culturally recreational substances, but consumption levels and types depend on the location.

Some cultures see alcohol consumption as a pleasurable experience, while others see intoxication as a sin.

In 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a comprehensive report on the global status of alcohol in order to help countries combat the harmful use of alcohol and avoid negative health and social consequences.

According to the report, the biggest consumers of alcohol are countries in Central Europe, the South Pacific, and parts of the Caribbean. The report noted that in Europe, beer and wine are kings, with most of the top consumers also being top producers, such as France and Germany.

At the bottom of the consumption charts are countries like BangladeshSaudi ArabiaKuwait, and other Muslim countries where intoxication is religiously prohibited.

Here are the top 10 African countries with the highest alcohol consumption.

Country Alcohol Consumption per capita
Seychelles 9.48
United Republic of Tanzania 7.81
Eswatini 7.68
Burkina Faso 7.28
South Africa 7.21
Uganda 6.82
Gabon 6.47
Rwanda 6.35
Equatorial Guinea 6.11
Botswana 5.98



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