HERBAL SOLUTION: Manhood Size & Libido Challenges (1)

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Natural TreatmentsI wrote towards the end of my column here the other time that  I will come up with natural solutions to both erection dissatisfaction, erectile dysfunction, small manhood, and female frigidity.  I am giving it today.

Stress and pressure have untimely graduated some male Nigerians that should belong to classes of  1,2 & 3 to categories 4,5 & 6, without the needed experience.

I pity such young men because many of them result in the consumption of dangerous drugs and/or reckless stimulants in the form of excessive indulgence in very bad alcoholic drinks.

It is often said that size does not matter but how skillful a man can be when engaged in intercourse with a lady? However, lots of men (both young, mature, and old) want respectable manhood sizes capable of satisfying all types of women (short, tall, slim, and/or fat).

This is why many of them always go for chemical-infested solutions to sexual-related challenges (including small manhood).  Of course with its attendant side effects. Below, I am giving organic solutions to both small manhood, age-related erectile dysfunction, and all types of libido-related challenges.

This organic solution to small manhood is designed for men from ages 22 – 59 years. Those who are already 60 years and above are not suitable for organic solutions to small manhood because it may overcharge their system the way their heart would be overworked.

Therefore I will advise such elders to limit themselves to organic (natural/food-related) stimulants equally given here: the more willing they are to take to this my golden advice the happier they will be.

To increase manhood size:

This remedy is very good for men between the ages of 22-59. Seven items are needed:  (1) Lemon juice (2) Carrot juice (3) Red potato juice (4) Ripped tomato juice (without seeds). All seeds must be organic and clean-washed. (5) Virgin Olive oil (6) Vaseline (7) Original bee honey.

Of the seven items, lemon is the principal material. This is why you need to make sure you get an original and organic lemon. You can easily identify organic fruits if you buy them from a reputable and/or registered grocery store.  In order to identify organic fruits you have to cleverly observe small-size stickers pasted on the fruits. Stickers on organic fruits have 5 digits, the first digit is 9.


(1) Manually extract 75cl juice from the organic lemon   (maybe with a fruit press) (2) Grate half of the fairly long organic carrot inside a container containing three tablespoons of lemon juice. Allow the two materials to remain in the same container for 10 minutes. Then, take one tablespoon from here into a clean cup.

(3) Extract one tablespoon of red potato juice the same way the carrot juice is extracted, also with lemon juice after 10 minutes (4) Cut one big (red) tomato into four parts (remove the seeds) manually. Grate all other parts of the tomato in three tablespoons of lemon juice.  (don’t include the seeds) – the botanical name is pericarp.

Add one tablespoon from here to the carrot and potato juice already extracted with the help of lemon juice placed inside a different clean, glass cup. (5) One tablespoon of Virgin olive oil. (6) Half a teaspoon of Vaseline, half a teaspoon of lemon juice, and one tablespoon of honey should be added.

Mix all items very well.  Cover your manhood with mixed items and gently massage your manhood for 15  minutes. Then rinse with clean water, take a bath, and go to bed. You will start to see the positive result after six nights but you are advised to repeat this exercise between 15 & 30 nights.

NB:  It is important you stop the exercise once your desired size is attained, even if it is before the 15 or 30 days. The remaining materials will remain active for the next five nights meaning that you can still use such if properly kept. Culled.


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