Governor Obiano has created Enabling Environment for Diasporas, Tourism Development, Emma Umekana reveals….

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Emma UMEKANA, an Acting Director, Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, Culture and Tourism is at home while discussing tourism development other sundry issues with Waka About Africa on the subject matter which showed his versatility. He was at ease reeling out the workings of his Ministry and what the Governor Willy Obiano’s government has invested in to make this Ministry work round the clock in a bid to bring the diaspora to comfortably assess the vast opportunities in the tourism sector which much awareness has gone into. Though, brief chat but richly endured with vital information that would make it to assess tourism and culture as unmasked in Anambra State. It was vintage Umekana.

   Well first of all, the first time that any government has created a Ministry for Diaspora our Governor, Willy Obiano is very passionate about tourism and also passionate about bringing those Anambriians who are outside to come back home, so what we have done is to have our very vibrate relationship we are ready between the first two months of appointment we have already been upgrading the best tourism site we have which is Owerri Izukala, we can have more facilities for people to enjoy the site, a lot of things are going on we are planning to have a seven day of homecoming heritage week, were lots of activities are going to take place, festival, palm wine festival, masquerade festival, art exhibition, poetry serious and all that, we plan to do an orientation of China Achiebe work, short version of it.  A drama of it, so a lot of things are going on, we have Offala Festival, Eriji festival and lots more in each of the Local Government Areas incredible things are going on.

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 As I just told you an event we are doing and that event is going to bring people home and we are doing a diaspora week, one week of cultural activities that is what I mention earlier and we have a governor that is very supportive of what we are doing so whatever we do the Governor will support us. I believe these will make Anambra greater as it were

Anambra will be the best destination for tourism and for investment okay looking at some tourist cites Anambra State stood it out as one of the States in the country that has a lot of rich tourist sites around.

 We are launching a new website, you can have access to register online especially those who are in diaspora, that is what we are doing for the diasporas, we are going to have Igbo made easy, we are going to have our Igbo old songs on it, and then eventually have our virtue thoughts so when people are at the alter they should see for themselves they can see for themselves what it looks like, so these are things we are doing.

 Is a group effort not just my hard work, is a work of a team, Anambra Ministry of the Diaspora Affairs, indigenous artwork culture and tourism, we are very focused because our government gives a support that we need, if we did not have a governor that has a listening ears or cares for tourism we won’t be here today, he did not waste time to give us approval and here we are today projecting Anambra, you must come and see, come to enjoy and spread the gospel truth that is tourism turn around in Anambra State.

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