Goge Africa Collaborate Stakeholders Seek Intra- Africa Travel, Advocates For West Africa Project Destination

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Goge AfricaGoge Africa has a rich heritage and business opportunities in Africa, and intra- Africa travel and tourism have had their challenges bordering from lack of awareness of its destinations to barriers that impede air travel, this has further been exacerbated in a post-pandemic era.

Goge Africa and its partners have come together to launch the Destination West Africa project, having identified the gaps in domesticating Intra-Africa tourism.

In a statement sent to Waka About Africa, the management said that the project is to encourage Africans to travel to Africa but the campaign kicks off on the West coast of Africa.

According to the organizers of the project, the first leg will see them touring 4 west African countries namely Benin, Togo, Ghana and Ivory Coast starting from Nigeria. The second leg will be Gambia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea Conakry.

Goge Africa has been a travel and tourism rebound, the organizers are advocating for the lowering of barriers and cost of intra- Africa travel especially on the west coast to enable tourists to explore the gems it has to offer rather than making Dubai, America or Europe their first choice as what comes to mind of a tourist is affordability and accessibility not forgetting the visa-free opportunity that the ECOWAS sub-region provides for West African travelers.

The project will see the organizers engage with government, policymakers, tourism boards and stakeholders in host countries. The team will visit tourist attractions to shine a light on destinations with the aim to promote trade and economic activities within the region.

Tourism, Culture & Business Opportunities in West Africa attract the Nigerian traveling population to visit West African countries. This will draw the attention of world travelers to West Africa, and help to share the beauty of our common heritage, cultural similarities and diversity with one another and the global community.

Position partnering countries as must-visit destinations in Africa.  This will also increase sales and business activities for partners and brands involved in this project.

Without standardization, destinations will not have repeat tourists. To this end, the organizers will support and collaborate with stakeholders and available legal authorities to ensure that international best practices are applied in all tourism services across the region.

Each leg of the project will take a minimum of Two weeks. The team comprises Destination promoters, tour operators, media, bloggers, influencers, Travel and tourism advocacy groups, TV show hosts and celebrities.

The farm tour will be broadcast on Goge Africa with over a 40million viewers, You and I with Monalisa on DSTV among others, as well as on print media with live updates on various channels online to millions globally. The organizers are excited and boast that some of the best attractions in the world are in West Africa and have taken it upon themselves to showcase these gems and the unbeaten paths less traveled.

The Destination West Africa project has received an overwhelming response from participating countries as stakeholders laud the initiative and say it’s a project its time has come. Goge Africa is a rich heritage and business opportunity in Africa and for the rest of the world.

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