Ethiopian Airlines Starts Arabic and French Services at its Global Customer Interaction Center

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Ethiopian AirlinesEthiopian Airlines, Africa’s largest airline, is pleased to announce that it has started providing its Global Customer Interaction Center services in two additional international languages namely, Arabic and French. The Global Customer Interaction Center underwent a major reform in 2014, expanding its interaction scope with customers from call handling to an omni-channel interaction leveraging multiple channels including social media.

Regarding the addition of these languages, Ethiopian Airlines Group CEO Mr. MesfinTasew said, “We are excited to further expand the services of our globally acclaimed customer interaction center using Arabic and French as additional international languages for handling the queries of our customers. The addition of these languages is a game changer as it will enable us to cater to our customers with their preferred languages. It will also increase our customer reach to locations where these languages are spoken predominantly. Offering the services of our Global Customer Interaction Center in multiple international languages also proves our commitment and

relentless efforts to elevate customers’ experience.”

Ethiopian Airlines’ Global Customer Interaction Center currently operates 24/7 with its state-of-the-art technology catering to all its customers worldwide from its brand-new multi-floor building located within the headquarters of Ethiopian Airlines Group. The center has received the ‘World Class Contact Center’ accolade from Snapshotz, an internationally recognized certifying body for customer service delivery. It won the certificate after onsite completion of Snapshotz’s audit process and probing over 800 datapoints.



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