Ethiopian Air at 72 Years still Renewed like Stallion, Tola Alabi relishes

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Tola Alabi, is the Senior Sales Representative of the Ethiopia Airline, the country’s national carrier that has been operating in Nigeria since 1960 without cease.

She was at her usual best in this interview with Waka About Africa where she revealed what still made the airline thick and preferred by passengers and sundry issues you have not read elsewhere before now. Have a swell time.

Q; You have been participating in Akwaaba travel market, what can you say are the benefit.


My name is Tola Alabi, am a Sales Representatives of Ethiopian Airlines in Lagos Nigeria.  Ethiopian Airlines has been around since Nigeria gained their independence in 1960, and Ethiopian Airline is proud to be a part of the story, well for Akwaaba we have always participated, this is the fourteenth Akwaaba and am proud to tell you that we have been here fourteenth times, we have done these here in and out, it been awesome. Well one big thing Akwaaba does for us as an airline is to let us have contact of those we don’t even know that exist and what they do, so with Akwaaba we have been able to reach out to a very large customers get their e-mails, phone numbers, physical address and it has been like I said awesome.  So we at Ethiopian Airline have had a course to employ a lot of Nigerians because we have five rounds, destination done on point, Lagos, Enugu, Kano, Kaduna and of course Abuja and it has also employed a lot of Nigerians and I think Nigerians have also benefitted other than the fact that we take Nigerians to all their destination through and fro safety we also employed a lots of Nigerians and it been overwhelming.

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Q:  You have been in Nigeria before Nigeria Independence and you have been in Akwaaba since inception, what makes you thick?

Well, it’s our service, the service stands us out. Our services, our hospitality is what stood us out and our safety in the air we have been able to reach out to them and it has, of course, affected our market positively because we have more business to get through this medium. Ethiopian Airline is known to be older than the Nigerian Independence that is a good testimony and Ethiopian Airline has contributed soundly to Nigerian and African economy greatly.


We have been in Air since 1946 meaning we are 72 years young and as I cited earlier, we have been in Nigeria since Nigeria Independence.  Of course even when so many Airlines were leaving during Nigeria recession we remained strong we remained true to what we believe in and we supported the economy, we were taking people from one course to the other and have our cooperate social responsibilities to the region, to their community as an Airline and then people have had a lot of good things to talk about.


 Q:  What advice do you have for Ikechi the organizer of the Akwaaba.

Well, Ikechi has been doing year in year out and it been a successful one but what advice I have for him, what I want to chip in is that he should reach a larger sphere adhere especially those in the Hotel business, of course, few of them are around here, journalists, he should encompass everyone because everybody at the end of the day will have one reason or the other to fly remarkable job, Kudos brother, well-done brother.

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