Ebute-Metta Residents Protest Alleged Outrageous Estimated Bills

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Residents of Ebute-Metta in Lagos State took to the streets to protest against the alleged high estimated billing system by the Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC).

According to NAN, at about 4: 00 pm on Sunday, the residents marched out in their numbers into Apapa Road and moved to Oyingbo to show their discontent with the billing system.

Chairman, Ebute-Metta West A chapter of Eko Distribution Customer Forum, Mr. Dapo Williams who led the protest accused the distribution company of illegalities.

Mr. William who lamented the failure of the distribution company noted that customers seek transparency while being billed by EKEDC.

He said what they want to achieve is that residents who do not have pre-paid meters receive a favourable billing system at the end of the month.

“The electricity company has failed woefully in its obligations.

“EKEDC lacks transparency in its billing. All we are asking the service provider to do is to be legitimate in dealing with their customers and be transparent in their billings.

“I have not used up to N4,000 since the prepaid meter was installed in my house in July 2021, yet EKEDC brings an N50, 000 monthly bills to every household that does not have prepaid meters.

”The residents get the outrageous bills after EKEDC brings to light for just four days in a month.

“As human rights fighters, we are saying no to the arbitrary bills of Eko Disco. They always harass us.

”We had meetings with EKEDC on several occasions, wrote to the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission and even went to court but all to no avail.

“They are extorting us unlawfully. We want justice.” Mr. William said.

He urged the distribution company to have a dialogue with the affected residents in order to agree on the amount to be paid on a monthly basis.

Another resident, Mr. Hakeem Esulonso, a former councilor of Ward D, Lagos Island said the committee was in a meeting with the Managing Director, EKEDC on the same issue but they couldn’t reach a resolution.

He noted that they will not relent until their needs are met and their rights are given to them.

He said,” The company wants to divide us by giving one part of Ebute-Metta light, while it has neglected and took away the cable of Ebute-Metta 1 for over two months.”

He advocated that prepaid metres should be provided if the distribution company is unable to meet their demands.

“What we are agitating for is that if the company wants to give us light, it should be at least 10 hours a day and charge N1,000 per room, N2,000 for two rooms and N3,000 for three rooms.

“If they say, why will Ebute-Metta locals not pay for the light which they just started giving last week? what about the huge money we have been paying and yet no light?,” Mr. Esulonso said.

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