Ebola Is Back In The DRC And Authorities Are Working Hard To Contain It

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EbolaA new case of the deadly Ebola virus has been confirmed in the DRC. The confirmation followed the death of a 46-year woman in the city of Beni on August 15. Health authorities are now trying to establish the source of the new infection to contain it.

Health officials in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are investigating the source of a new case of the Ebola virus. The National Institute for Biomedical Research (INRB) announced today that lab results showed that a woman in the city of Beni died of the virus.

A statement by the INRB, seen by Reuters, disclosed that the new Ebola case is genetically linked to the 2018-2020 outbreak in North Kivu and Ituri provinces. That outbreak had killed more than 2000 people. Last year, an Ebola outbreak killed seven people.

The latest confirmed case came days after a woman admitted to a hospital in the city of Beni died. The city of Beni is said to be geographically different from the known epicenters of the virus. So, authorities are trying to establish a correlation.

“Our initial findings indicate that this case likely represents a new flare-up of the 2018-2020 Nord Kivu/Ituri outbreak, initiated by transmission of Ebola virus from a persistently infected survivor or a survivor who experienced a relapse,” the statement by the INRB explained.

As epidemiologists work to establish the connection, all 131 persons who were in contact with the latest Ebola victim have all been identified. Among them are 60 front-line healthcare workers, 59 of whom are vaccinated against the deadly virus.

The DRC has been dealing with intermittent Ebola outbreaks over the years. Specifically, a total of 14 outbreaks have been recorded between 1976 and date. The country’s tropical rain forests are said the be the major source of the virus.

Also, Ebola survivors can remain vectors for a while as the virus can linger in survivors’ bodily fluids central nervous systems and even in the eyes.



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