Chukwumaechi Nneji, Director Mbaise Dairy TV Mourns Mother’s Death

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Chukwuma Nneji

Ezinne Lolo Virginia Nneji who died at 88years was born in 1934 and was conferred with the Roman Catholic title of ‘Ezinne’ in the year 2000 at Ahiara Mbaise Diocese.

Mr. Chukwumaechi Nneji the founder of Dynamic Concept and Director of Mbaise Dairy TV, announced the death of his mother, Ezinne Lolo Virginia Nneji recently. Ezinne Virginia whom he prayed tribute to, says she died at a good age of 88years.

Chuma Nneji made the announcement on Mbaise Dairy TV Whatsapp group saying his mother died at 10.30 am earlier on the 14th of February.

He said, “Life indeed is like sand in the wind, today it’s here, tomorrow it’s gone. My Mother is gone to be with her creator, he died on Valentine’s Day. “My gem of inestimable value, my support system, my best friend, my Ezinne is gone”, he said.

Chukwumaechi, who is the last born of 10 children has this to say “My consolation is that in her lifetime, I gave her not just everything that money could buy, but most importantly, I gave her my presence, my time, my everything “on uncountable occasions I’ll go back to the village just to be with her, ‘I love you, Ezinne, and I’ll miss you.

Death is one that hurts so badly, though Ezinne Virginia was an ensemble of peace and charity, a great woman leader. “My beloved mother, Ezinne Lolo Virginia Nneji transited to be with her King on the 14th of February 2022 @about 10. 30 am after a brief illness. She died at a good age of 88years” Chuma said.

She was the woman leader of NPP in the Oru/ Lude ward from 1979 – to 1980. Also a great businesswoman no wonder she is a registered contractor with the Imo State government for many years now.  Above all Nnem Virginia were a devoted Christian, a community mobilizer, and a great historian.

“Ugodiya will be greatly missed by those who must have come in contact with her while she was alive because of her great virtues”. ‘I know Mama is peacefully resting in the bosom of the Lord, till we meet to part no more”, Chuma said.

Ezinne Virginia will be buried at her husband’s compound in Owasinchoko, Oru-Ahiara Autonomous Community Ahiazu Mbaise LGA, Imo State on the 6th of May 2022.

Ugodiya, as she was fondly called, was blessed with ten children, forty-eight grandchildren and twenty great-grandchildren.

Chukwumaechi Nneji is the founder of the Dynamic Concept Group, and the Director, of Mbaise DairyTV and a politician

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