China Refutes Report Linking It To Terrorism Funding In Nigeria

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China Bars NigeriaThe Chinese Government has issued a refutation of an allegation that its citizens in Nigeria are engaged in funding terrorism in order to destabilize the country for some ulterior motives in the country’s mining sector.

This denial was issued following last week’s report by A British newspaper, The Times, that Chinese nationals in the mining sector are financing terrorist groups in some parts of Nigeria in order to gain access to the country’s mineral resources.

The Times said that the Chinese nationals could be indirectly fuelling insecurity and terrorism in Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy through illegal transactions, lobbying and bribes.

“Beijing could be indirectly funding terror in Africa’s largest economy. Chinese companies working in parts of Nigeria where attacks are frequent have been striking security deals with insurgents,” The Times reported.

However, China’s embassy in Nigeria has debunked an allegation in a statement on its website stressing that Chinese citizens are not involved in funding terrorism, adding that Nigeria and China enjoy cordial bilateral relations.

The statement said “The Chinese government, as well as the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria, have always encouraged and urged the Chinese companies and nationals in Nigeria to abide by the laws and regulations of Nigeria and to implement the local rules and guidance on labor, environment, health and safety, etc, and would continue their efforts in this regard.

“The Chinese government was and would never be involved in any form of funding terrorism. The allegations contained in the report were totally irresponsible and unethical, and the intention of the report is seriously questioned.

“For the past decades, the bilateral cooperation between China and Nigeria has brought tangible benefits to our bilateral ties and the well-being of the two peoples.

“We will continue to work with the Nigerian government to promote development and address security issues. We welcome international partners to join our efforts in good faith, but would reject any intention or action that would smear our cooperation.”


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