Carnival Calabar, A Yearly Reverend Show Piece Onah Paints Vivid Picture

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Chairman of Carnival Calabar, Mr. Gabe Onah has been speaking on the profitability of the famous carnival and believes that time is near when it will become huge internal revenue earner for the state.

Onah spoke with Waka About Africa that the state is still talking about the GDP of Carnival Calabar and more innovative ways of harnessing effectively all the potentials that would make it number destination every year, he further narrated to WAKA ABOUT AFRICA.

According to him, If I tell you the GDP you cannot calibrate it and I have told you we have passed that stage so I say if you look at the number of Hotels that we have built , the increase in numbers of Hotels that leads to visitors arrivals then you will come to terms to appreciate our efforts and the  behind the scenes and how much we have raised and increased our tourist arrival that’s from hundred thousand to six hundred thousand we are believing that this year we can make a million people visiting positively,” he restated.

Onah believes that Carnival Calabar has been getting stronger and stronger these year and more successful, what has been the sustainability Communism ,community buying , the community we use ,the community is participating , the community is  first to taste of it, if you alienate any project ,you lose it because the community is putting ownership so what we have done as government is to promote the enabling environment the young boys and girls, our mothers who sell pure water they go over, you have been part of Akwaaba, the last three days you  seen how much has gone on here, you are chewing gum I am sure you bought them with money, you been in Akwaaba for the last ten years am sure  I am meeting her here, Akwaaba has gone from hundred companies to two hundred and fifty companies, these are a perfect platforms and opportunities to display  your goods and services. That is why I must emphatically declare that the fourth Carnival Calabar has been primed for business in Nigeria, In short, you won’t be far if you say that this platform is for visibility for goods and services.

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The chairman added that Carnival Calabar has been received warmly with opens hands and hearts with wider the acceptance from Canada and other well-meaning countries in the international community.

‘ Let me reveal this to the numerous readers of this newspaper that we are now from receiving three to five countries and it is how we arrived at receiving thirty countries, you understand, we have grown virtually to an international  tourist arrivals from 1 percent to three percent I am believing we can do another percent this year  to get it to four to five percent 72 embassies also participated also now we have  a dedicated weekend, in this year now we have a dedicated carnival hence the pictures you are seeing there are already portraying  art already you understand these are international participants  but Asia, the Americans and South Americans .south Americans are the owners of streets carnivals, he stressed.

What are we really expecting in this year’s carnival are various. It will be more colorful, precise, hold, distinguished etc. which has over the time made Carnival Calabar most unique, dynamic most sort after and must

attend by participants.

Fireworks you can imagine fireworks. The carnival has truly brought in international people and local people, to even interact, to put it mildly, the global attention plus its destination have shown that when it is this time all attention is focused on Carnival Calabar as their next stop and it has with vivid records made many rich these years. One knows and to say fireworks and extraordinary things to keep having faith in this carnival that has made the difference and became reference and talking point many Months after the curtain is drowned. It has been one of the strong points of the yearly showpiece, Onah further narrated.




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