APC Thugs Led By David Zachariah And Odu Akowe Bare Their Fangs

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AttackIn a desperate bid to recover huge grounds lost to the opposition, the ruling APC has let out its arsenal of thugs led by a serving member of the House of Representatives, David Zechariah and one Odu Akowe.

In what they regarded as a “test run” they harmed, maimed hapless individuals in Ajaka and destroyed property from Ajaka all through to Aloma. The thugs boasted that even the police can not arrest them as they have the blessing arms support of the Governor to deliver Kogi east to the APC at all costs.

Properties destroyed include PDP’s offices, personal effects of PDP members and innocent citizens in the three communities attacked.

We may resort to self-help if nothing is done by constitutional state actors because this rubbish must end NOW.

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