Anthrax: To Prevalence Of Anthrax Disease, Lagos Begins Free Vaccination Of Animals

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Anthrax DiseaseThe Lagos State Government, through its Ministry of Agriculture, has begun free vaccination of domesticated animals, in order to forestall the prevalence of Anthrax disease in the state.

Permanent Secretary, of Lagos State Ministry of Agriculture, Olatokunbo Emokpae, said in a statement seen by Waka About Africa, that the Ministry had also enhanced the surveillance of abattoirs and slaughter slabs in the state.

Anthrax, an infectious disease caused by Bacillus anthracis, affects domesticated animals such as cows, pigs, camels, sheep, goats, and wild animals.

Human beings who come in contact with infected animals can also get infected with the disease.

Emokpae said that the vaccination of domesticated animals, free of charge, would also be conducted alongside the inspection exercise.

She said that symptoms of the Anthrax disease in infected animals included sudden death, and bleeding from natural orifices – mouth, ear, nose, anus and vulva, in female animals.

According to her, the blood discharge is usually dark and the dead animal will disintegrate quickly.

”Members of the public MUST NOT go near or touch animals suspected to have contracted the disease.

”They should immediately report cases of animal symptoms to the Lagos State Ministry of Agriculture Director of Veterinary Services on 08023427594, 08180703010 or to the Veterinary Epidemiologist on 08023328244.

”The state government solicits the cooperation of animal owners as Veterinary Personnel vaccinate animals,” she said.

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