Akwaaba Now A Way of Life says Ghana’s Asumadu

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Mr. Alfred Asumadu is the Chief Marketing Officer of Ghana Tourism Authority he aired his views with Chinonso Aghabie at the 14th edition of Akwaaba, a yearly travel market that brings West Africans and diaspora together.

According to Asumadu who spoke about Ghana at Akwaaba, he revealed that Ghana Tourism Authority has been coming to Akwaaba in a unique way and this year was no exception.

“Ghana Tourism Authority has been participating in Akwaaba for sometimes now, firstly, Akwaaba in our language means “welcome” and to Ghana ultimately identify with the brand Akwaaba and so coming to African travel market is like coming home”, he further reveals.

He insisted that Akwaaba has now become an international brand it is no more a Nigerian brand it is ultimately now for West African countries to support the good of Akwaaba so that together as a sub-region we can promote ourselves and promote our sub-region, so for us, is one business and so it is to support our ECOWAS protocol of helping ourselves in coming out in one promotional effort, so that West Africa can be as strong as what you see in Southern Africa so coming here for us is very important it is something that we don’t play with, it is very, very important.

Akwaaba has to stand, it has to grow bigger and bigger here in, and out when we are also to achieve that we will now know that it is a West African thing. And every year whenever you mention Akwaaba everybody will come.  Then when it comes to the business aspect everybody will benefit. Yes, as I said earlier it means to identify with it easy.  But having attend more than, two, three times it seems that there is also business opportunity for us that was why I said yes we came here first for business, secondly ECOWAS protocol has also been first, we are part of the ECOWAS, you know if something is going on ECOWAS that will help all West African countries.

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For Ikechi, I call him the vanishing man he may be in Accra now next five minutes he is back to Lagos, the next 10 minutes he is in the Gambia, he is moving everywhere. Trying to make sure that Akwaaba plan has become that how Akwaaba grows bigger and bigger and we can only pact him on the shoulder and encourage him to continue, he has done well to sustain this to become a larger trademark. The little support we can give is to participate and so that is what we are doing every year to assure him of our participation so that he can go on and hold the brand to become an international, we will go to Europe to participate in Akwaaba is also in our own growing so in a time of that we have Dubai here.  Akwaaba is able to stand so well we will support Ikechi he has our support but we hope Akwaaba becomes the thing we are all looking forward to. One may not be far away to say it has become a way of life.

 Ghana and Nigeria are close that even though the country that is between us, so for Nigeria and Ghana we cannot fail, Nigeria cannot fail West Africa, Ghana cannot fail West Africa anything that is going on in Ghana and it is good Nigeria must support and anything that is going on in Nigeria that is good Ghana must support, so that when we are able to lead everybody will follow West Africa will support Nigeria has the market so once Nigeria succeeded everybody will overflow.

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