African Countries With Best Electricity Access

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It’s important to stress that this list is courtesy of Tracking SDG7: The Energy Progress Report. The source is a global dashboard dedicated to registering progress on energy access across Africa and elsewhere, as part of the targets for the Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7). The dashboard is a collaborative initiative by the International Energy Agency (IEA), the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD), the World Bank and other partners.

In a 2021 interview with the CEO of Zola Electric, Bill Lenihan, was asked if Africa’s energy access problem can ever be solved. This is what he had to say:

“What I do know is that it can definitely be improved upon. I believe we can also solve the affordability problem with the right energy ecosystem. And the right energy ecosystem is not a centralized ecosystem. It’s not the grid kind of ecosystem. The grid has had its chance to solve this problem for a hundred years and it has not; will not. In my opinion, distributed, digital and renewable energy will solve that affordability problem.”

See the list below.

  1. Egypt: 100% energy access.
  2. Algeria:100% energy access.
  3. Morocco: 100% energy access.
  4. Tunisia:100% energy access.
  5. Gabon:91% energy access.
  6. South Africa:85% energy access.
  7. Ghana: 84% energy access.
  8. Botswana:70% energy access.
  9. Kenya: 70% energy access.
  10. Senegal: 70% energy access.
  11. Libya:69% energy access.
  12. Ivory Coast: 69% energy access.
  13. Equatorial Guinea: 67% energy access.
  14. Cameroon: 63% energy access.
  15. Namibia: 55% energy access.
  16. Nigeria: 55% energy access.
  17. Sudan: 54% energy access.
  18. Eritrea: 50% energy access.
  19. Ethiopia: 48% energy access.
  20. Congo: 48% energy access.


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