Africa Using Kenya As A Gateway, As US-Based Tech Firm Expanding Its Operations

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KenyaAfrica using Kenya as a gateway, As US-Based Tech Firm Expanding Its Operations. The US-based IT company, Intellimedia Networks Africa, is expanding operations into Kenya.

  • Intellimedia’s training initiative is underway, aiming to empower local trainees to implement connection solutions across Kenya and beyond.
  • Intellimedia’s commitment to bridging connectivity gaps aligns with UN sustainability goals, fostering socio-economic development and attracting foreign interest in Africa’s burgeoning market.

Intellimedia Networks Africa, a US-based IT business, has announced plans to expand its operations in Kenya as it looks to the larger African market. The company has started training its first batch of trainees as it enters the African market. These individuals will play a crucial role in implementing the company’s connection solutions in Kenya and the surrounding area.

Alex Chesosi, chairman of Intellimedia Networks Africa, hailed this development as a smart step to tap into the region’s untapped potential for connection and technology. He underlined that this goes beyond simple commercial growth and called it a commitment to change, developed skills, and local economic development.

“This move sets the stage for a revolutionary shift in digital connectivity that harmonizes with Africa’s developmental requirements and Kenya’s aspirations for digitization,” said Chesosi.

A new age of connectedness that is set to spark change across the continent has arrived thanks to the arrival of Intellimedia in Africa, he continued.

They make great progress in linking isolated communities, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, governmental organizations, manufacturing firms, and more through a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that cover design, implementation, and support.

Chesosi argued that communication with rural areas has the ability to support vital services like e-commerce, healthcare, and education.

“This, in turn, can cultivate socio-economic development even in the most secluded regions. The mission of Intellimedia encompasses critical sectors such as education and healthcare. By outfitting schools with advanced digital training solutions, these institutions gain access to global educational resources,” he added.

The emphasis on connection aligns with the United Nations’ sustainability goals, attracting the attention of foreign corporations and investors interested in participating in Africa’s booming market.

Intellimedia claims that its strategy is in sync with global efforts to accelerate skill acquisition, reduce poverty, and ensure sustainability. They enable varied industries to thrive by committing to inexpensive and conveniently available connections, ultimately strengthening Africa’s progress.

 “A formal memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Konza Management signifies Intellimedia’s unwavering commitment to collaboration and forward-thinking. This strategic move is poised to fortify technological connectivity and educational initiatives in East Africa,” the firm said in a statement.



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