According To Global Firepower Here Are Top African Millitary Powers In 2023

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  • Top Military In AfricaGlobal Firepower’s 2023 Ranking evaluates the militaries of 145 nations, considering equipment, finances, geography, and resources.
  • Egypt leads Africa as the 14th strongest globally; Algeria and South Africa follow suit.
  • Nigeria’s military, despite challenges, maintains regional importance with notable strengths in manpower and airpower.

Global Firepower’s 2023 Military Strength Ranking ranks 145 nations’ militaries, weighing various factors like the volume of sophistication of its equipment, finances, geography, and resources.

The ranking considers factors including the amount of military equipment and troops each country has, as well as their financial standing, geography, and available resources, information which may be imperfect.

While it’s true that the GFP can give us a good idea of the top 10 African nations in terms of military might, it’s important to keep in mind that a country’s military landscape can be shaped by its alliances, diplomatic ties and technological advancements.

According to the index, Egypt is ranked the most powerful military force in Africa and 14th globally.

With a sizable, well-trained military personnel force of 1.3 million, Egypt has a long history of being a major power player in the Middle East and North Africa.

The strength of Algeria’s military is no surprise, given its decades-old involvement in several peacekeeping missions.

Global Firepower ranked Algeria second in Africa and 26th globally.

South Africa, widely regarded as a leader in Africa when it comes to peacekeeping and conflict resolution, ranked third in Africa with a score of 0.4885.

Despite facing several challenges in recent years, including economic instability and an increasing threat from terrorism, Nigeria’s military remains a vital force in the region.

Global Firepower said the country’s position was boosted by its strengths in manpower and airpower, giving the country a PowerIndex score of 0.5587.

Here are the top 10 African nations based on the GFP’s 2023 rankings

Rank Country Global Rank PwrIndx Score
1 Egypt 14th 0.2224
2 Algeria 26th 0.3911
3 South Africa 33rd 0.4885
4 Nigeria 36th 0.5587
5 Ethiopia 49th 0.7979
6 Angola 55th 0.8732
7 Morocco 61st 1.0524
8 Democratic Republic of the Congo 72nd 1.3055
9 Tunisia 73rd 1.3243
10 Sudan 75th 1.4079



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