20 African Countries With The Most Expensive Average Prices Of Mobile Data

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Mobile phonesBusiness Insider Africa presents 20 African countries with the most expensive prices for mobile data. This list is courtesy of Statista, as we relied on data provided by the research firm and dated December 2021.

Earlier, we reported about the agitation by Nigerian telecom operators to increase the prices of the services, a development that was met with uproar across the country. Just in case you missed that, the telcos wrote the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to demand an upward review of the prices of data, calls and SMS; citing the higher cost of doing business. Needless to say that Nigerians weren’t too pleased with the demand.

The development piqued our curiosity to find out how much people in other parts of Africa are paying for telecom services.

We particularly sought to find out whether Nigeria is among the most expensive countries in Africa to buy mobile data. Well, as it turns out, the country currently has one of the cheapest prices for mobile data on the continent.

According to Statista, about 480 million Africans currently have access to mobile internet. These are 480 million people who must buy data either on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis in order to remain connected to the world wide web. Interestingly, these people do not all pay the same prices for the service, as you will see shortly.

It should be noted that African countries generally have some of the most expensive costs of mobile data in the world. The aforementioned source (i.e., Statista) explained that the high cost is due to various factors, including unavailability of infrastructure and high taxation in the African telecom industry.



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